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About Black Fairy

Nestled in Clarke Quay, the heart of Singapore's nightlife,

Black Fairy will be your go-to supper spot

after a night of high tempo fun and booze.

Probably the only sushi concept to open till late, feast on comfort food

as you chill the night away with our carefully curated menu for supper.

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Black Fairy Sushi & Grill brings you a first-of-its-kind Nikuzushi

('meat sushi') experience. Served with 3 different specialty dips to go with every kind of sushi, explore sushi the avante-garde way, from exquisite beef cuts to innovative ingredients.

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Savour our broth-based dishes such as Ramen and Zosui (Japanese Rice Soup) to warm your stomach with a hearty treat. Made by closely guarded recipes, our broth dishes have been carefully crafted for supper feasts.

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With more than 30 years of experience, watch as our veteran head chef fires up the grills. The mastery of char-grill techniques by our culinary team delivers tender and moist smoked meat that falls off the bones - while preserving that smoky, char flavours you love.

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Our Locations

Black Fairy | 29 Carpenter Street, Level 2, S059923

Black Fairy Coffee & Grill | 131 Tyrwhitt Rd, S207553

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